eyfsMedium Term Plan - Autumn Term 1 2020 - Teachers: Miss Harris, Miss Batten & Miss Cressey


boygirlOur topic this term is 'Me and You'. We will be creating self-portraits, looking at our similarities and differences and our likes and dislikes.

We will be focusing on different texts such as 'Super Duper You', 'Let's Make Faces' and 'I'm Me'. There will be a range of fiction and non-fiction texts that will be shared in Term 1.

We will also be focussing on communication and language to promote story telling and listening and speaking skills.

At the end of term, we will be celebrating the change in seasons when learning about Autumn and the Harvest festival.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Our focus for this term will be 'getting to know each other' as we support the children in building relationships with staff and their friends. We will be learning about the routines of the day and become familiar with our learning environments. The children will be encouraged to develop their independence.

Communication & Language

The children will be developing listening and attention skills through a range of games and experiences. We will be supporting the children in listening to their friends and the adults in small groups. We will be encouraging the children to respond to simple instructions. We will be thinking about our families and talking about the people we live with.

Physical Development

The children will be developing their fine motor skills, exploring materials and one handed tools. The children will be taking part in daily activities, for example, dough disco, large outside tools or threading. They will be developing their gross motor skills, constructing on a large scale and exploring a variety of sports equipment.

Understanding the world

We will be thinking about how we grow and talking about the differences and similarities between us and others. We will be talking about our likes and dislikes and we will be using technology to support our learning.

Expressive Arts & Design

We will be introducing the tools and equipment used when painting and being creative. Children will be using the construction resources to build models. The children will be enjoying our 'home' role play area and using it to act out real life experiences. We will be enjoying singing together, learning some new songs as well as enjoying familiar rhymes.


The children will be developing their listening skills as they enjoy stories. They will be encouraged to talk about the pictures and their contents. The children will be participating in daily phonics sessions which will introduce the children to a new sound each day. We will also be encouraging the children to hear and say the initial sounds in words, for example the sound that their name begins with.

Mathematical Development

This half term we will be encouraging the children to use, recognise and name numbers spontaneously as they play. We will be learning about numbers to 20 and understanding that the number relates to an amount. We will be thinking about shapes that we see in our environment and using mathematical language to describe these.

Homework Challenges