eyfsMedium Term Plan Autumn Term 2 2019 Teachers: Miss Harris, Miss Batten & Miss Cressey
People Who Help Us

Our topic this term is ‘People Who Help Us’. In this topic, we will be learning about the different jobs of people who help us especially the three emergency services.

We will be focusing on the roles and responsibilities of these jobs and how they help us. We will have lots of opportunities to explore these jobs including using our hospital role-play area and dressing up in the uniforms.

To immerse the children further, we are lucky enough to be visited by the fire service with their fire engine, paramedics with their ambulance and a police officer with their police car!

Children will be exploring lots of non-fiction and fiction texts about this topic. We will also be singing songs such as Miss Polly had a dolly.

We will finish our topic by celebrating Easter and the start of Spring by participating in lots of fun activities.

Included in this term we have lots of exciting things planned! We will be dressing up as superheroes on World Book Day to link in with our whole school focus book, Supertato.

We also have Science Day where we will be visited by the Science Boffins to carry out exciting science workshops. Following this, we will have a full Science Week where the children will be carrying out science investigations related to nursery rhymes.

We also have Pancake Day, Red Nose Day, Mother’s Day and our Easter performance.

A fun-filled packed term!

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

This term we are continuing to encourage children’s independence and responsibilities as they move through the academic year. Children will have lots of new visitors and be encouraged to adapt with these in school, asking questions and following school boundaries. Children will continue to build upon relationships through play.

Communication & Language

Children will be exposed to new vocabulary when learning about the different jobs such as the names of medical equipment. They will develop their speaking skills by including a narrative into their play when exploring the different professions.

Physical Development

We will be developing children’s athletic skills such as throwing and catching during PE. Children will be continuing to develop their fine and gross motor skills in different ways such as threading, playdough and using the outside areas. Children will be learning how to keep themselves safe when out in the community.

Understanding the world

Children will be learning and understanding the different job roles of people who help us. Children will be using their investigative skills to solve science experiments during Science Week such as how to keep Humpty Dumpty safe. They will also be looking at the changes in the weather as Spring arrives.

Expressive Arts & Design

The children will be enjoying our ‘hospital’ role play area and using it to act out real life experiences. We will be singing together, learning an Easter poem to perform to parents and creating music. Children will have many opportunities to create, such as painting emergency vehicles, making junk models and making Easter cards. They will also be using the outdoor construction materials to create models on a large scale.


The children will continue to participate in daily phonic sessions, which will introduce them to or review a new sound each day. They will be developing their letter formation when writing. Children will be reading and writing CVC words, moving onto captions and then full sentences. Children will have lots of opportunities for writing as we write thank you letters to our visitors and label our bodies. The children will continue to develop their listening skills as they enjoy a range of stories.

Mathematical Development

Children will be working on recognising, ordering and naming numbers up to 20. We will be working on addition and subtraction, using the correct vocabulary and starting to record this. Children will also be learning about capacity and shape properties when creating a fire engine. They will start to learn about time by sequencing their daily routine.

Homework Challenges