Medium Term Plan Autumn Term 2 2020 - Miss Batten, Miss Cressey & Miss Harris


boygirlThis term we will be looking at different celebrations from Halloween, Bonfire Night, Diwali, Birthdays, Remembrance Day and Christmas.

We will begin our learning about Bonfire night, focusing on exploring the colours and patterns associated with this celebration. Children will be learning how to stay safe at this time of year. We will be looking at the work of artists who use colour to express themselves, for example Jackson Pollock. We will be linking texts to our topic such as Room on the Broom for Halloween and nonfiction books related to Bonfire night.

We will be learning about Diwali, the celebration of light. The children will be exploring a variety of artefacts and making their own Divas. The children will be learning about the story of Rama and Sita.

We will complete the term by celebrating Christmas. The children will listen to the Christmas story and participate in a variety of exciting Christmas activities.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

This term we are encouraging our children to take responsibility and become more independent. This term there will be some changes to daily routines as we prepare for Christmas festivities. Children will adapt to these and learn to respond positively to new social situations. Children express themselves through play they will build upon relationships already.

Communication & Language

This term the children will be introduced to new vocabulary when learning about celebrations such as Diwali. They will be developing their speaking skills as they talk about the celebrations they enjoy with their families, such as Bonfire Night and Halloween.

Physical Development

Our focus in PE this term is Dance. We will be expressing ourselves through movement. We will focus on music related to fireworks and Bonfire Night and move our bodies to this.

We will continue to take part in dough disco to develop our fine motor skills.

Understanding the world

We will be looking at how we have similarities and differences related to celebrations around the world. We will be discussing special celebrations that we have shared with our families such as Christmas. We will look at past events when learning about Remembrance Day and the importance of this day.

Expressive Arts & Design

The children will be making 3D models, designing rockets and a variety of Christmas decorations. We will be exploring colour, for example creating splatter paintings to celebrate Bonfire night, inspired by Jackson Pollock. The children will continue to access the role-play areas where they will extend their imaginations and introduce new resources.


The children will continue to develop their listening skills as they enjoy stories. They will be looking at books such as Kippers Birthday and encouraged to talk about the pictures and contents. Children will use how and why questions to extend their knowledge about celebrations. They will recall their past experiences of celebrating within their families.The children will continue to participate in daily phonic sessions, which will introduce them to a new sound each day. The children will be developing their letter formation when writing.

Mathematical Development

We will continue to focus on number recognition and number formation. We will also be focusing on shape, space and measure. We will use objects and common shapes to create rockets. The children will be encouraged to name the 2D and 3D shapes and describe their properties. They will be making potions and measuring broomsticks when focusing on the story of Room on the Broom.

Homework Challenges