Key Stage 1Year 2


  • Class Size
    Up to 30
  • Ages
  • Teachers
    Miss J Bingwa & Mrs K Turnbull
  • Our Day

01The children of Pine have had a great start to the year so far with everyone settling into their new classroom nicely.

They have all been practicing getting into the groups they are in for their different activities and have been thinking about the resources that are available to help with their learning – this helps them to become much more independent learners and take responsibility for our own progress, something which we encourage.

We are working really hard on developing our writing, checking that is makes sense and writing full sentences with conjunctions. We are working hard on our letter formation.

Our timetable is very busy and we get a lot of learning packed into a school day. The children look forward to the challenges that we have in store and always try their best to grow in their progress and attitude of always taking a risk and giving something ago even if we think it may be a tricky.

The children know that if things are tricky it is making their brains grow stronger. We love the creative attitude that the children take to the learning and the kindness that is shown in Pine class.

Pine class staff and children embrace the learning we do each term and love the Wow days we do to promote this. The staff and children as a whole class team put 100% effort into their learning each day throughout the year.

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End Of Year Expectations

This booklet provides information for parents and carers on the end of year expectations for children in our school. The National Curriculum outlines these expectations as being the minimum requirements your child must meet in order to ensure continued progress.

All the objectives will be worked on throughout the year and will be the focus of direct teaching. Any extra support you can provide in helping your children to achieve these is greatly valued.

If you have any queries regarding the content of this booklet or want support in knowing how best to help your child please talk to your child's teacher.