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Top Tips for Parents


Supporting your children with home learning can be a daunting prospect for many parents. For many, it’s been a fair few years since we’ve polished up our poetry skills or recalled the equation to measure a change in thermal energy, so suddenly being the adult supporting your child in their learning can be overwhelming.


Children are creatures of habit and routine, and applying themselves to learning at home in the same way they do at school will take some time to fall into place.


If you have the space, set a clear area for learning to take place – somewhere well-lit is ideal – and remove any distractions before learning begins. 


Times are challenging for all of us, not least children, and a child’s physical and mental wellbeing is as vitally important to look after as their learning.  Building in time for cooking, daily exercise, puzzles or reading for pleasure is a great way to break up learning into manageable periods and help with any difficulties with focus or screen fatigue your child(ren) may experience.


It’s OK to tell your child if you’re unsure of a topic or skill they are learning. In fact, it can be a really powerful and rewarding experience to approach the learning of something new to you both together. Learning alongside them can be really encouraging for a child – getting frustrated that you don’t know all the answers is not good for either of you. So embark on the learning journey together?  You can always contact us for support - we are here to help you!


Keep your child’s motivation up by keeping positive and encouraging their efforts. Chances are they are worried, confused, missing their friends and navigating a brand new way of learning.


And if they have a tough day when it’s not going to plan… that’s fine, start afresh tomorrow.

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