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Curriculum - Music


Through the teaching of Music we aim to develop children's self-confidence, concentration, self-discipline and teamwork: children will develop the ability to critique and present themselves and their work. We aim to give children the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to access and enjoy music through a variety of musical activities. Music offers children a way to express themselves emotionally contributing to pupil's social, moral, social and cultural development.


Our ethos for music lessons is to give children an opportunity to experiment, explore and see what they can do when performing and improvising by giving them the necessary skills and equipment. We give children a chance to feel inspired musically with whatever knowledge they bring to that lesson and to be able to be involved whatever their instrumental experience and ability. We aim to awaken their awareness of what is possible and if we can do that with children when they have little or no musical knowledge then there is no limit to what they can achieve once we've caught their imagination. We place a significant emphasis on making music and through this we continue to raise standards, expectations and achievements. This is reflected in our belief that children should be given a platform upon which to perform and a vehicle through which to do so. The whole school perform the Nativity every Christmas.


At Woodlands Infant and Nursery School we aim to:

 • Promote and support music for all children through classroom experiences, lower and upper school music sessions and whole school activities, following the National curriculum.
 • Provide experiences and resources that promote knowledge, skills and understanding in music, in relation to our and other cultures traditions.
 • Provide learning experiences that promote confidence and the development of the child.
 • Promote a music curriculum with relevant differentiated experiences.
 • Promote progress in and continuity in music through curriculum planning and monitoring in line with assessment procedures in school.
 • Promote opportunities for the child to further develop musical skills throughout the whole curriculum.
 • Actively engage and forge links with the outside community through music.
 • Promote the continuing development of expertise and confidence in music for relevant members of staff.
 • Recognise ways in which ICT skills may be incorporated into, and developed by the music curriculum and used to enhance the musical experiences of all children.

Woodlands Music Development Plan

Music long term plan

Music vocabulary

Supporting your child with music

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